Digital Scholarship Services (DSS) brings together librarians with expertise in digital project development (including data visualization, mapping, web design, and creating digital collections) with faculty members and student researchers at Lafayette College to develop new research partnerships.

What Are Digital Humanities and Digital Scholarship?

Digital Humanities (or DH) and Digital Scholarship are umbrella terms for a set of methods that approach humanities topics and problems using digital tools and/or computational techniques.

Some general categories of digital humanities projects include:

database/archive – combines digitized material or data records with metadata to facilitate new interpretations, hypotheses, and solutions.
digital scholarly edition – creates an electronic critical edition, using text-encoding to display and interrelate texts, annotations, textual variants, and other elements.
textual analysis – uses computer-aided analysis to study linguistic patterns in individual texts (stylometry, etc.) or in large collections of texts (data-mining, etc.).
digital maps – plots data geographically to determine timelines, sequences, relationships, or other patterns.

Examples as well as more detailed definitions can be found in a post by Miriam Posner (UCLA), “How Did They Make That?” Additional resources can also be found at,, and

Our Work

Projects are already in-progress at Lafayette in most of these categories. Digital Scholarship Services has been instrumental in providing custom built interfaces for faculty and student research. Examples of the existing projects at Lafayette, including Virtual Research Environments and digitization, can be seen on this site's Browse page.

With help from Skillman Library’s Digital Humanities grant from the Mellon Foundation, DSS has become the leading voice in Digital Humanities work on campus. Our team has helped foster innovation on campus by providing the guidance and technical support to move faculty and student DH projects from idea to reality.

Get Involved

To find out more about Digital Humanities efforts on campus, including upcoming events, and funding for new projects visit the Mellon Digital Humanities Steering Committee’s page: To learn more about the DSS librarians, please visit our DSS Team page.

We realize that digital research projects are always unique and we will work with you to find solutions and best practices that meet your needs. If you have an idea for a project, whether you are just starting out, or are well into the project’s lifecycle, we’re happy to help.

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