sidebar button icon

Show Sidebar

Opens a sidebar containing a thumbnail index of each page of the PDF.

next and previous page icon

Previous / Next Page

Arrows to go to the next or previous page in the PDF.

jump to page icon

Jump to Page

Text entry box in which you can type and go to a specific page number in the PDF.


search menu button icon

Show Search Menu

Opens the search menu, which includes a text entry box and other search controls.

search next and previous buttons icon

Previous / Next Search Result

Navigate back and forth through search results within the PDF.

highlight all toggle icon

Highlight All

Check this box to highlight all search results within the PDF, rather than one search result at a time as you go through them.

match case toggle icon

Match Case

Check this box to have your search only match on exact word capitalization (i.e. exactly as you've typed it).

View Options

zoom in zoom out icon

Zoom In / Zoom Out

Click to zoom further in or out of the PDF.

preset zoom levels icon

Preset Zoom Levels

Use this drop-down menu to select various preset zoom levels, including "Page Fit" (zoom to fit the height and width of PDF viewer) and "Page Width" (zoom to fit the width of the PDF viewer).

full screen icon

Switch to Full Screen

Switch to a version of the PDF viewer that takes up the entirety of your browser.

change viewer height icon

Change Viewer Height

Click and drag this icon at the bottom of the PDF viewer to change its height.

Print & Download

print icon


Print the catalog details about the item.

download icon


Download and save a copy of the PDF.

*Note: Download the PDF to print individual issues.

More Tools

show more icon

Show More

Opens a menu of additional controls detailed in this section.

go to first or last page icon

Go to First / Last Page

Jumps to either the first or last page of the PDF.

rotate icon

Rotate Clockwise / Counterclockwise

Rotates the PDF 90 degrees in either direction.

hand tool icon

Enable Hand Tool

Switches your mouse cursor's function from highlighting PDF text to dragging the document.

document properties icon

Document Properties

Displays technical properties of the PDF.