Digital Home

Digital Collections at Lafayette

Digital collections have grown dramatically at Lafayette College over the past few years.  These collections have been created to aid student coursework, as faculty research projects, and to provide historical information to our alumni and the general public.  This website is a launching point into the rich collections developed to meet these needs.

Available Digitization Resources

In the process of building digital collections at Lafayette we have also developed the means to digitize many types of analog material.  We have access to color-calibrated scanners able to capture images of transparent and reflective material up to 12 x 17 inches, a bulk slide scanner, a high-speed duplex document scanner, a high-resolution overhead camera capable of photographing items up to 24 × 33 inches, and specialized imaging software. This equipment allows us to digitize fragile documents, artwork, photographs, negatives, slides, as well as printed articles and books.  Searchable metadata is created using a locally-developed application called MetaDB, and digitized material is made available using DSpace and CONTENTdm delivery platforms.

Ideas Sought for Future Collections

Faculty interested in creating digital collections for class use, or for research, are encouraged to suggest ideas using the contact form, or by calling Eric Luhrs at 610-330-5796.