Digital Scholarship Services (DSS) partners with faculty and student researchers to develop digital research projects which feature innovative analytical approaches and dynamic digital tools. Our team can help you build digital collections, create visualizations of your research on interactive platforms, and design virtual research environments. We also run Lafayette College's Digital Repository, available at

We not only build the tools to suit a researcher’s current project, but can also add additional features that will foster generative scholarship and reveal new modes of inquiry. DSS projects have been cited in numerous journals and scholarly publications, and accessed by users worldwide. The East Asia Image Collection alone has reached thousands of visitors representing 90 countries, and it is a foundational resource in its field.

We welcome new projects, no matter how big or small. DSS is happy to consult with you and discuss what digital tools and approaches might fit your needs. Visit our services page and browse our collections to learn more about what we can do for you, or contact us to discuss project ideas.

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